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Aoudad Hunting

Aoudad Hunting

Goodman Ranch has been raising Aoudad for the past few years and our herd is flourishing. The Aoudad sheep is a large, desert type sheep that is easily identified by its vast horns that make it sought after by hunters. The horns extend up to 33 inches in a semi-circular curve over its back. Both the ram and the ewe have horns, while those of the male are significantly larger than those of the female. The Barbary sheep has dense, thick, bristled, and reddish to sandy brown coat with lighter under-parts that cover a very thick and robust body. They all grow a beard and a thick fringe of hair on their throat, but that of the male extends past the neck and chest and down its front legs. They resemble more of a mountain goat than a sheep, but do not have the odor of goats. Aoudad sheep have a long body, and they can weigh anywhere between 100-425 pounds. Since rams have horns that they do not shed instead of antlers, we offer ram hunting year around. We see the Aoudad grazing more often during November through February.

Aoudad Hunts

Aoudad Hunting Experience

Our Aoudad hunts are generally a 3day/2night hunt which includes meals, lodging, and trophy fees, and start at $2995. This does not include taxidermy or gratuity. After your successful hunt, we will cape, quarter, and package the meat for you. We can also arrange all your taxidermy needs. Please browse through our Photo Gallery to view some pictures of this majestic animal.

Know the Barbary Sheep

The Aoudad or Barbary sheep is classified as a vulnerable species and is becoming rare to find in its native North African habitat. The name Aoudad is commonly used by the Berber people, a desert tribe of North Africa, who made this sheep popular. Although this sheep is becoming more and more difficult to find in its native North Africa, introduced populations in Spain and the southern United States are flourishing. There are free roaming herds in Texas and several hunting ranches across the U.S raising them because of the growing popularity of hunting Aoudad. Barbary Sheep are considered by hunters as one of the most challenging species to hunt. Aoudad sheep hunting is difficult mainly due to the fact that they are agile and athletic, have excellent vision, and very wary of people. All of these factors make them difficult to get close to.

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