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Buffalo Hunting

Buffalo Hunting

Have you been looking for a place to hunt the great North American Bison? Well, this is the place for you. We hunt on almost 800 acres of some the most beautiful hill country in West Tennessee. We have hardwood and pine forests that these animals love to hide in, making this is a very exciting hunt. Our hunts start at $3995 for a large trophy bull and include meals and lodging for 3 days and 2 nights in our beautiful, rustic lodge. They make a beautiful mount and their meat is delicious. It is lower in fat and higher in protein than regular beef. We have our Bison processed at a beef slaughter house and can be cut any way you want. Most of them will age 10-14 days before processing, allowing the natural process of tenderizing. You can harvest your Bison with the weapon of your choice and we will handle all your taxidermy needs. Please contact us today to book your historic Bison hunt.

Trophy Buffalo Hunts

Hunt Trophy Buffalo

The North American Bison or Buffalo is a great part of America’s history. This beautiful animal helped the native Indians survive the long, cold winters of the mid-west. The Indians followed the herds across the plains and used almost every part of the animal. They cured out the meat for food. They used their hides for clothing and to cover their teepees. The horns and bones were used for tools and ornamental purposes. For hundreds of years, there were millions of them roaming North America. During the late 1800’s, they were hunted to almost extinction, due to the expansion of the white man across America. Luckily, some ranchers realized the value of the animals and the impact they had on our country and rounded up the few remaining ones left. Soon after, new conservation laws were put in place to save them. Now, their numbers are back up around 500,000.The largest herd left in the United States is in Yellowstone National Park, but there are many of them raised all over the country for their meat and also for hunting.

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