Painted Desert Ram Hunting Tennessee Goodman Ranch
Painted Desert Ram Hunting Tennessee

Painted Desert Hunting

The Painted Desert can be any color or combination of colors, and can have oval or splashy markings, much like a paint horse. Many of these sheep are tri-colored or quad-colored. Many people think the cape from one of these animals are very striking. The Painted Desert Rams are a cross between the Texas Dall and the Mouflon.

Hunt Trophy Painted Desert

Painted Desert Ram These Rams have large horns. They average in weight from 85- 135 lbs. It takes several years for these rams to reach trophy length. Their horns are very massive and some horn lengths have been recorded to reach over 40 inches. All rams on our ranch have horns and they do not shed, therefore, we can hunt them year round. Some will have a long mane hanging from their neck. These rams are some of the least expensive exotics to hunt and add great color to your already existing collection of mounts. The meat is very edible and if prepared right, will taste similar to beef. Our hunts include meals, lodging, and trophy fees, and start at $995. These prices do not include taxidermy or gratuity. After your successful hunt, we will cape, quarter, and package the meat, and will handle all your taxidermy needs. Let us book your next Painted Desert Ram hunt.

Painted Desert Ram Hunts Painted Desert Ram Hunting Tennessee
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