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Sika Deer Hunts Tennessee

Sika Deer Hunting

The Sika deer originates from Eastern Asia and has many sub-species, based on the geographical location of the animal. They are about the size of our native Whitetail deer, but their colorations depend on their species. Most of them are a brown or red color with spots, but as they grow their winter coats, the spots often fade out. The Japanese species is usually very dark, almost black, with few spots. Most Sika deer on our hunting ranches today are mixed with several of the different species. The males are very vocal and grow a mane around their neck during the winter months. The stags are very aggressive when fighting over territories and does. Sika can be found on several continents around the world and is a definite challenge for any hunter. We have introduced a Sika herd this past year on our ranch and they are doing very well. Our hunts include meals, lodging, and trophy fees, and start at $2995. After your successful hunt, we will cape, quarter, and package the meat. We can arrange your taxidermy needs for you as well. Please browse through our Photo Gallery to view the many animals we have.

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