Barbarossa Ram Hunting Tennessee Goodman Ranch
Barbarosa Ram Hunting Tennessee

Barbarossa Ram Hunting

The Barbarossa or Merino sheep descends from Australia. They have been very popular in the exotic hunting world because of their massive horns. The Barbarossa Ram has some of the largest horns in the sheep family and make wonderful trophies. Some have been measured over 40 inches in length. They are famous for their expensive wool. They are herd animals and will stay with most other breeds for security. Once their cape is cleaned, they make a beautiful mount and they also make an excellent rug. The meat is very edible, and if prepared correctly, will taste similar to beef. Our rams are grass fed and that helps with the taste. Our hunts include meals, lodging, and trophy fees, and start at $1500. This price does not include taxidermy or gratuity. After your successful hunt, we will cape, quarter, and package the meat, and handle all your taxidermy needs. Let us book your next trophy Barbarossa hunt.

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