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Blackbuck Antelope Hunting Tennessee

Blackbuck Hunting

The Goodman Ranch has been raising the Blackbuck Antelope for several years and the herd has adapted very well. We have taken several Gold Medal bucks off of our ranch through the years and all our customers are amazed with their beauty. The Blackbuck Antelope is one of the smallest species of exotic antelope and originates from India. This is a very amazing animal, fast and elegant. The Blackbuck is one of the most Amazing trophies you will ever see. The Blackbuck have distinctive horns that are ringed with 1 to 4 spiral turns, rarely more than 4 turns, and can be as long as 31 inches. A trophy Blackbuck is generally greater than 18 inches. Because they have horns and not antlers, they do not shed, therefore, we can hunt them year round. Let us book your next trophy Blackbuck Hunt.

Blackbuck Antelope Hunts

Blackbuck Hunts

Their name comes from the coloring of the mature males. They are the only species in which the male is a different color than the female. As the males grow to maturity of around 5-6 years old, there coat begins to change color. They start turning black around the neck, shoulder, and head area first. Within a year, they will be black all along their sides and back. The belly and eye rings will remain white. These are some of the most beautiful mounts you will ever see. The light-brown female is usually hornless. Blackbuck herds usually roam the plains or fields in groups of 15 to 20 animals, with one dominant male. They are very aggressive fighters, though usually not to the death. The males average in size from 70-100 lbs. Their meat is very delicious and lean. The females will usually breed twice a year and that helps the herd increase rapidly. The Blackbuck has few predators, since it can reach speeds of over 50 mph. They are graceful to watch in the field as they hop and run effortlessly. We have been raising a herd of Blackbuck for the past few years and they have thrived on our ranch. We are consistently taking bronze class bucks or better. Our Blackbuck hunts include meals, lodging, and trophy fees, and start at $2495. These prices do not include taxidermy or gratuity. After your successful hunt, we will cape, quarter, and package your meat, and we will handle all your taxidermy needs. Please browse through our Photo Gallery to view the many pictures of we have there.

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