Axis Deer Hunting Tennessee Goodman Ranch

Axis Deer Hunting Tennessee

Axis Deer Hunting

Goodman Ranch has a strong, mature heard of Axis deer that we have been managing for over fifteen years. This has enabled us to offer Trophy Class Axis deer hunting for you. Because of the maturity of the herd, Axis hunts are very challenging, especially with a bow or muzzleloader. We are limited on hunts for Axis because of the natural process of when they are hard antlered. However, because of this, the Axis can be hunted year round and we are constantly having a change in our herd of the stags that are able to be harvested.


Axis Deer Hunting

The Best Axis Stags

Our Axis hunts are generally a 3day/ 2night hunt which include meals, lodging, and trophy fees, and start at $2995. This price does not include taxidermy or gratuity. After your successful hunt we will cape, quarter, and package your meat. We can also arrange all your taxidermy needs. Please contact us to check the status of our herd and to see when the best time to book your hunt would be. Also, please browse through our Photo Gallery to view the many pictures we have of these beautiful animals.



Chital Deer

Axis Deer Hunts Axis deer, or sometimes called Chital deer, have been imported to the United States from Southeast Asia, with the largest populations being in India. They are beautifully colored deer with a red coat and white spots. The Axis stags will generally weigh around 185 pounds and the does will weigh around 100 pounds. The Axis stags lose their antlers according to the time of their birth. At all times of the year we will have Axis stags with no antlers, some in velvet, & some that are hard antlered. The antlers of the Axis stags consist of one main beam going back in a lyre pattern, with usually an eye guard and an extra point about half way up the main beam. The hard antlered stags will be dominant over the other stags, and will keep a herd of does with him until he loses dominancy or loses his antlers. The meat of an Axis is 99% fat free, making it the leanest meat of any mammal. They are also grazers like the Fallow deer and this makes the taste of their meat very delicious.



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